This was my lunch today and it took 5 min to make! I work full time and have my baby twin girls so I don't have time to make big meals so this was perfect, fast, clean, and protein packed. Its smoked salmon and it comes in a package. I love it! I have to simplify! Thats basically why this post is even short! LOL. Plus I want to show you can eat healthy without having to take a ton of time. I always hear people say " oh I dont have time to eat healthy" NOT TRUE.  Real issue: eating healthy is not a priority! You can eat healthy if fast if you buy the right things!

So here is a simple meal.For the veggies I just put them in the George Forman grill for a few minutes until they are cooked. Then I salt and pepper them after!  The salmon you literally unwrap and throw it on top. Its the peppered one. LITERALLY takes 5 minutes!

And here is the rest of the ingredients:

Grape tomatoes
Chopped zucchini
One peppered salmon filet  (pictured below)
Optional: chopped avocado

1/2 tbs(1.5 tsp)  Dijon mustard
1/2 tbs(1.5tsp) lemon juice
1 tsp honey 
Mix well and pour over salad

This is the package of Peppered Salmon I used. They have different kinds cajun regular etc. Costco carries them and lots of grocery stores. 

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