Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cookies & Cream Pancake Roll

Ok this started as one idea and totally turned into something else which I am NOT complaining about! As soon as the new quest bar came out I knew I wanted to try a cookie and cream crepe but my crepe turned into more of a Smothered Cookie and cream Pancake Roll. It was a little too thick to be a crepe but on the thinner side for a pancake yet its super moist! I am becoming obsessed with protein pancakes and waffles. They are so easy to make and there are a million variations. (You will be seeing more) This baby is amazing! It has a cookies & cream quest bar mixed to the cookies and cream fluff plus I topped it with @sweetspreads dark chocolate mint coccobutter ( and melted biscoff drizzled over top! NOW, I know what you are thinking.... I have lost my mind and this is going to break the Calorie Bank! Well it's not its TOTALLY Clean.

Serving size:ME,MYSELF and I only :)

1 large Thin pancake
3 tbs cookies and crème protein powder (I use Giant Sports its but lots of brands carry it. Check out amazon or GNC..even Walmart has some in the pharmacy section)
1 tbs coconut flour
1 - 2 stevia packet 
2 egg whites
2 tbs almond milk

Cookie and Cream Fluff: (The calories I calculated you the whole fluff mix but I had access so it you double it you dont need to double the fluff)

In a food processor combine:
½ C 1 % cottage cheese
½ tbs & 1 tsp cookie and cream protein powder 
10-12 drops vanilla crème stevia

Now, take 1/3 of a cookies and cream quest bar ripped into little pieces and mix into the fluff mixture

Put half the fluff inside the pancake and fold it over. I kept mine shut with a few toothpicks. Then mix the other half with about
.5 tbs -1 tbs almond milk for a running cookie and cream sauce for the topping.

I melted about a 1 tsp of biscoff  (nut butter of your choice works) and 1 tsp of sweet spreads dark mint chocolate cocobutter (Website listed below AND they are having a sale right now buy one sample pack get one 50 5 worth it). And drizzled both on top. I drizzle it buy putting it in a little baggie and ripping a corner so it goes on evenly. There is always some left in the bag so I calculated nutrition based on 3/4 tsp of each

Calories: 395
Fat: 11.5g
Protein: 49.6
Carbs : 17.5


  1. Did u breastfeed?... Can u have protein powder while breastfeeding?...all ur recipes look amazing I am breastfeeding so not sure of I can do some of them

    1. Yes, i did and i still am actually. I don't take any supplements while breast feeding but protein powder is fine. Sorry my response is soo late!