Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunrise Salmon Eggs

Sunrise Salmon
I was at a restaurant in Sedona Arizona a few years ago and had something very similar to this. It was unreal so I had to recreate it myself in a healthy version. Trust me on this its really good...I know its different but give it a try you won't regret it!!
2 salmon packet(You can get them at any grocery store its pictures above)
2 egg
4 whites
2 wedge  Light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese
3-4 Tsp chili sauce (this sauce isn't the healthiest but in small amounts its awesome and is the key Ingredient)
1-2 pieces of whole wheat minimal processed bread or Eziekel bread per serving
Salt and pepper to taste

Put the salmon in a pan and saute' for 2-3min on medium add salt and pepper and set aside (salmon is already cooked so it doesn't take long it just browns a little bit )

Make the eggs adding salt and pepper  in a separate pan

Toast bread. Spread the laughing cow cheese over the piece(s) of bread. Top with salmon and then cooked eggs 

Calories: 308.3 only 248 if you use 3 eggs whites
Protein: 35 g ( my bread has 5g)
Carbs: 7 carbs 
Fat: 9 g with  1 whole egg 3 with egg whites only.

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