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Sometimes with weight you feel like you are climbing up an insane mountain but I promise the view from the top when you succeed is worth it all- On top of Camelback in Phoenix Arizona
OK, so some of you have asked for more details on how this going to work. I will be posting videos on how to weight in and weight out for the challenge as June 16th gets closer but I wanted to share more details:

Don't wait to LOSE WEIGHT Challenge

No, your 20 dollars does not all go to me!  This is NOT a cash cow for me! I am doing this because I love to help. The amount of time I put in will out weight by far what I will earn but I LOVE fitness , I LOVE my followers, and LOVE to see people get fit and build body confidence!

50% of the money goes back to YOU! Yes that’s right...YOU.  Lose 4% of your weight you win money. That simple! 25 % percent goes to the Meltdown challenge website for hosting and 25 % to me for providing you workouts, meal ideas and fitness info for 30 days! You are paying me ONLY 5 bucks for the entire month to get you jump started. It will be well worth every penny once you’re a few pounds lighter and have more fitness education under your belt to keep going!

You pay 20 dollars to Meltdown Challenge through my link listed above plus a service fee for the site. You weight in at the beginning of the challenge (video on how to will be posted closer to start date) and you weight out at the end. If you lose 4 % of your weight you started at you enter the winner's circle. The winner's circle wins 50% of all money put up for the challenge split evenly between winners.

 For example: If we have 50 Challenges the winners pot is 500 dollars. If only 10 people lose 4 % than they each win 50 dollars!  WHO DOESN’T WANT TO WIN 50 BUCKS AND LOSE WEIGHT!!

Even if ALL 50 lose the 4 % you still get 10 bucks back and you only put in 20 and you lost weight so its a win win!! So depending how many challengers we have and how many people enter the winner’s circle the amount of money will change and could be a very large amount.  THAT’S why its fun for you to invite friends to challenge with you! Up the Winner Pool amount and do it together!

And even if you don’t want to lose weight but want to tone up that’s ok. I will be providing tons of info that will help you do that. So you may not win money but my services are still at your beckoning call!

I will be posting on my challenge wall EVERYDAY.  I will guide you along the challenge with information to help you meet your goal. My posts will vary each day but will include 2-3 workout ideas a week (all home workouts with options for beginners and advanced), 2-3 meals/snacks/dessert ideas each week, jump starting ideas, staying focuses ideas,  eating out guidelines, staying fit on vacation info, products I love and USE that have helped me with weight loss/toning up, meal guidelines, information on carbs/fats/proteins , what to eat and when, and last but not least motivational info!

Plus you can ask any question you have and I will answer it. We will make a little community with our challenge members and keep everyone motivated. IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!

This is totally optional but i want you to succeed so a great way to start this challenge is with a cleanse. I am not talking about drinking lemon water for a week! I mean a real one where you still eat healthy foods but it cleans out your liver and intestines. I suggest  this one from MYNT. Its 14 bucks which is super CHEAP for a cleanse. I had two clients try it and they both lost above 5 pounds in the first week. So I  am big fan now and share it with all my clients to jump start them!  You can enter your info and do a one time order of it! I SWEAR ITS WORTH CHECKING OUT. Its all natural made of cranberry extract, milk thistle  and senna extract and it works liek a champ!~

CLEANSE is a combination of natural body cleansing herbal supplements to help flush your body’s digestive system. Cleanse supports healthy digestion and promotes normal liver function.*

Key Benefits
• Supports healthy digestion*
• Promotes normal liver function*
• Stimulates liver enzymes*
• Contains fl¬avonoids that protect against oxidation*
• Helps support the body’s natural elimination of toxins*
• Supports normal urinary tract function*

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