Thursday, January 30, 2014

Full Body move any where any time!

I am so excited to upload my first video!!! I have so many filmed and there will be tons more coming! All of them you can do anywhere any time because lets face it we cant all make it to the gym everyday but we can all get in something even at home!

I am starting simple one! One move that targets a whole lot of muscle groups (ABS,ARMS, BACK, LEGS). Mix it into a HITT routine for 30 seconds to 1 minute or try to do 20-30 reps with 3 sets!

Keys to exercise move: 
*Make sure you bring your knees as close to the ground as possible. 

*Make sure you jump off your feet when your switching between inside and outside knee bends

* Keep make sure your feet don't land too far from your hands. Your body is basically making a V (if you were looking at me from the side) so a NARROW V! The narrower the harder it is because your knees have further to travel to almost reach the ground.

 It really works the legs mainly the quads if your narrow! Enjoy the new exercise .Try it for at-least a minute in a HITT routine.

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